Can we have one more novapolitan uwu...?


I’ve drawn so much this week my carpal tunnel has been kicking in and it hurts really bad to even hold my tablet pen.

torri please your art is godlike holy jojo haha! if you have any spare time to draw something, could you show us how you draw the chest/shoulder part of the body? I have a hard time doing those..

alrighty, I’m gonna turn this into a teeny anatomy lesson and lump them into this ask since I keep getting them. I’m gonna put this knowledge to use since I took the class gosh dangit >:v

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Who is your favorite JoJo so far?? :D


Hands down. No questions.

But in all seriousness, I really love them all, if I had to put them in a list it would be Josuke and Jotaro first. I know I don’t draw Jotaro much(I do, I just never finish them) but I love them so much, they’re great. Joseph would be second, and then all the rest of them in no particular order because I just love them all so much omg

I am now into JoJo thanks to you ;-;. Therefore, can you draw Johnny Joestar?

I am so sorry lol I’ll see if I can doodle up something tomorrow :>

Warm-up doodle that went a little too far.

Warm-up doodle that went a little too far.

Your vinesauce post has 666 notes

Such a good feeling today <3 The Creatures stream getting over 23k for charity, and the Vinesauce stream at 17k and still rising! I’m so happy to have donated and helped out, it’s such a good feeling I cried a bit earlier lol I love it when things come together like this and the fans + content creators work toward a greater goal.

So beautiful <3333

Novapolitan the ice cream man~

Last one for tonight, I&#8217;m tired lol Best end to a really great charity stream, grats on the amount guys, you&#8217;ve all done such good work!

Novapolitan the ice cream man~

Last one for tonight, I’m tired lol Best end to a really great charity stream, grats on the amount guys, you’ve all done such good work!

Nova’s from twitter today. I feel so bad for him lol I’d feel even worse if he had to do his beard too, at least it’s for charity!! <3

Even Speedwagon is afraid!

I apparently didn’t save the colors when I found the file so I had to do it again lol

Hi there! I'm a wannabe illustrator in training haha. I've found that I have a lot of trouble drawing comfortably to where it gets to the point that everything I draw is way below my usual standard. Do you ever have this? If so how do you resolve this? Because I really don't like not being able to do my hobby

Hello! And thank you for this message, makes me feel so much better!

What I think you’re going through may be artblock! Some people don’t think this is a thing, but I believe it is. Sometimes I’m to the point that I can’t draw anything, drawing the same thing over and over and nothing coming out right or how I want to. It happens every once in a while, but I try to avoid this by not being burnt out on something for too long. Take breaks from something until I WANT it and then it comes to me! 

If you’re already in an artblock, I suggest you try something new! Go outside your comfort zone for a bit and experiment with new things. Draw from life, paint with real paints, make faces in the dirt, watch clouds until you see something, listen to new music, go window shopping(on or off the net!), write a poem, write a story, make up a whole story that you’d want to illustrate into a book, go to sleep, try to learn a new language, draw fanart, learn calligraphy, bake a cake, play with an animal, watch a scary movie, etc. 

Anyway, there’s lots of things you can do to get your brain motivated again, for me, I go outside my comfort zone at times, do something I’m not used to. I try to avoid artblock by taking breaks between drawing, stretch my hands, soak up some sun and get something to eat/drink. Sometimes I’ll forget to but I make up for it! If I’m having a lot of trouble on something, I’ll definitely use reference and that helps me too.

I hope that helps, sorry for the text wall lol

I keep forgetting I have these just around. I need to find that Speedwagon I did too..

Haha sorry but if you don't mind, would you show up a small tutorial on how to draw noses and mouths? Sorry. You dont really have to if you dont wanna.

I wont show you how to do it, I’ll show you how I do it. Please don’t take this tutorial as how to do art, just learn from it as an example and build on the knowledge!

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Hi Torri! I love your artwork!!!❤️❤️❤️If I may ask,what tips would you give me on improving my anatomy?

Hey there! Thanks so much for the comment :D Here’s what I can tell ya..

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After having this thing for more than a week I finally got around to making a background! I also tried coloring in it, so I’m not sure how the colors look to everyone else. I hope they’re not bad.